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Pickle Night

02/11/2019 19:00 - 23:00

Come and enjoy a historical, musical and nautical evening. Rig of the Day c1805 "nautique" - optional. £15 per person.

"Pickle Night" is a dinner with entertainment that celebrates the arrival of HMS PICKLE in Falmouth carrying the news of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar. It traditionally takes place about 2 weeks after Trafalgar Night.

The format is pretty relaxed, the evening starting with “Up Spirits” the traditional issue of Grog (or “limers” for those registered “Temperance"); the menu is based on traditional seafarers' food improved and upgraded to our 21st century tastes and standards - see below. Each dinner course is interspersed with the reading of despatches from the Battle of Trafalgar.

Seating is divided into “Messes” each named after a ship at Trafalgar. "Hands to dance and skylark” will be piped and each Mess will be invited to present a dance, song, dit, poem, sketch (playlet), whatever.

None of it is serious; chaos and mayhem generally ensues. The President for the evening tries to take charge (but will often fail) and will have nominated White Rats/Secret Squirrels in each Mess to secretly report anyone for not singing loudly enough, singing too loudly, not smiling, smiling, talking, not talking….etc. Such defaulters are "punished".


Starter: Pate Bonaparte or Cannon Balls (Melon)
Mains: Beef Stew in Plundered Cob Loaf or Veg Stew in Plundered Cob Loaf
Pud: Gunners Spotted Dick and Custard
followed by:
Pussers cheese slab with Ship's biscuits

It’s a great, fun evening. Culture and sophistication it is not!

Book in the foyer or phone the office.

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