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Friday Night Talk - Mike O'Meara

18/02/2022 19:30 - 21:00

Raising the Kursk

1800 - Supper
1930 - Talk
Bar till 2300

Mike O’Meara. Hon. FIOSH.
Chairman the Historical Diving Society (HDS)
Friday February 18th 2022 at The Hornet SSC

The Salvage of the Kursk

The Kursk was a Russian nuclear-powered ‘Oscar’ class submarine. She left her home base of Vidiayevo on 10th August 2000 with a total of 118 crew, officers, and designers to participate in military exercises in the Barents Sea. Tragically, she sank as a result of an on-board accident two days later with the loss of all those on board.
The Kursk had an armament capacity of 24 cruise missiles with conventional or nuclear warheads. The missiles were designed to be launched whilst she was submerged. She was also equipped with 24 torpedoes. She was built with a double hull construction and 9 watertight compartments.
After some internal delays the Russian authorities requested international assistance, however the initial delays in reporting her loss combined with inadequate early intervention caused lost opportunities for a successful life-saving intervention.
Mike will share his personal experience as part of the 3-man team hastily mobilised at short notice to travel to St Petersburg to negotiate and plan with the Russian senior naval command the first stage of the salvage operation as well as providing an overview of the entire salvage.