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Toilet Waste

A new campaign to keep harbour waters clean

The community group Litter Free Coast and Sea is collaborating with Natural England on the Love Your Harbour project, which focuses on keeping harbour waters clean.

Since 2006 the EU's Recreational Craft Directive has required all new vessels with toilets to have provision for a holding tank.

Many harbours int he UK have byelaws which make it illegal for cruisers to discharge any waste within the harbour authority's jurisdiction, and instead sailors are encouraged to use on shore toilets when a boat is berthed.

Holding tanks or a chemical toilet should be installed onboard, which must be emptied at pumping stations.

For those boats which do not have holding tanks, the acceptable practice is to flush at least three miles offshore.

As an aside - Chichester Harbour Conservancy has installed a new free pump-out station at its Itcehnor Jetty - sponsored by the Friends of Chichester Harbour, which donated £10692 towards the project.