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A Further Update from the Commodore

From The Commodore:

Following my earlier message to members, further guidance has emerged from both DCMS and DEFRA that states that boat owners should not visit their boats to conduct maintenance including winterisation and this work should be carried out by boatyard services (contractors). Only if members are asked by our marina staff to attend their boat for a critical issue (i.e. the boat is unsafe) will a member be called in. DEFRA has confirmed that under Heath Protection Regulations 2020 a boat owner can pay a business (contractor) to maintain their boat on their behalf during the period of lockdown, this negates the need for any unnecessary travel. Please observe this guidance and do not break the rules.

As stated in my earlier message recreational boating can take place and I strongly advise you to follow the direction and points outlined below and I look to all our members to ensure compliance with the UK Govt advice and guidelines:
Government direction is to stay at home as much as possible, and particularly for those in vulnerable groups. HSSC strongly supports this policy.
The safety and security of boats will be overseen by marina staff – boat owners will be informed if a critical issue requires your attention.
Government guidance does allow individuals, those from a household and linked household (bubble), or with one other person not a member of their household, to undertake 'open-air recreation in a public outdoor place'. In this context, this includes all outside areas at HSSC (FB2&3), and on the water.
A decision on how much 'recreation' is reasonable is for the individual to make and is dependent on personal circumstances. I would however suggest that it should be modest rather than excessive and I would expect members to comply with this rule. Only sail if your boat has been properly maintained and is seaworthy, reducing the risk of needing external assistance.
It is ESSENTIAL that members visiting HSSC to undertake outdoor recreational activity DO NOT MIX with any other personnel on the site undertaking either work (JSASTC & HSSC staff, contractors) or other recreational activity.
Overnight stays on boats is not permitted.
Access to boats laid up in FB3 is not allowed.
Please respect the rule on social distancing and importantly when showing your IDs to MGS staff when entering and leaving the establishment.
This is NOT a 'return to normal' - it is however the opportunity for members to enjoy a limited amount of recreational activity in support of maintaining their health and well-being
Over the last year, HSSC members have complied fully with Covid-19 restrictions, for which I am grateful. I would ask members once again to comply with both the letter and the spirit of Government guidance and with the procedures that we have put in place.
Please park in FB3 unless you have a valid permit to park in FB2
Track and Trace
Please use the NHS App on entry into FB2
As we have seen today, advice is updating on a daily basis and we will update you as circumstances change

As ever,


Richard Stokes CBE
Commodore, HSSC