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Red Diesel

Government U-turn welcomed

Sailors in England, Wales and Scotland will still be able to use red diesel to propel their vessels, as announced in the 2021 budget. It will be banned in Northern Ireland to ensure that the UK meets international obligations under the Northern Ireland Protocol of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Last year the Government announced that it would remove the subsidy on red diesel from April 2022, although boaters would still be able to use subsidised fuel for heating onboard. In the UK, most marinas sell red diesel on a 60/40 split of full and lower tax rates for propulsion, and heating or power generation.

UK cruisers visiting the EU are advised by the RYA to :

1. Keep all receipts to prove that the fuel was bought in the UK ;

2. Request that the retailer marks them 'duty paid' ;

3. Log the date of refuelling and the engine hours to reinforce these records ;

4. To only carry marked diesel in their main fuel storage tanks.