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HSSC RNSA Wenesday Series Race 9 Results

Course: Stokes Bay East, North Sturbridge, Stokes Bay Central, Stokes Bay East, Finish

Wind NW 8-12 Kts, Course – Start – SBE (P), NS (S), SBC (P) F.

The penultimate race of the Summer Series was not without its dramas! With a forecast for the shifty northerly to decrease, Sunshine the SOOD, set a course that would give a reasonable beat into an increasing east going tide, but short enough to allow the slower boats to finish if the wind went with forecast.
During the start period the wind backed 20° and the lay line to the first mark changed with the shift. Jolly Jack Tar, Cutlass and Jambo got it right and JJT the scratch boat rounded SBC first followed by Cutlass, Sunshine and Jambo. With the run to North Sturbridge more of a broad reach the asymmetric boats could sail straight for the mark but at NS, JJT, Cutlass, and Sunshine arrived all overlapped but with JJT on the inside holding the advantage. The beat saw 2 pairs of boats with near identical ratings match racing up the windward leg. JJT covering Sunshine and Jambo and Cutlass involved in a similar exercise. JJT used her early advantage well rounding SBC in the lead and on a perfect angle for her asymmetric kite romped to the finish. However the euphoria of a likely race win quickly turned to gloom as an engine failure and a sail back into harbour saw a misjudgment of depth on a falling tide followed by an evening of remorseful contemplation on the Hamilton Bank. However with plenty of time now to work on the engine they eventually got it working and eased off the bank some time later. Those RN collisions and grounding reports are a nightmare!
Compounding the error there was so much activity at the time that only the seconds of the finishing time were remembered but as they finished ahead of the second boat with the same rating they were awarded the minute prior!

The pie and curry for those who made it to HSSC in time were exemplary as always.

For the final race of the Summer Series next week crew restrictions will be lifted and the bar routine will revert to bar service. However HSSC will for the time being continue to ask that face masks are worn whilst customers are standing and that numbers for supper continue to be provided as previously. A further message will be sent to skippers confirming arrangements.

And finally WIZARD will be OOD for the last race, stand by for an exotic course. It is still all to play for at the top of the fleet with JJT, Sunshine and Jambo vying for the podium places in IRC and Jambo and Sunshine in NHC.

See download for full results.