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RNSA HSSC Spring Series Race 6 Results

From Ric Hanslip

Wind again! Cool, breezy but still gently warming when the clouds allowed the evening sun to appear. Jambo the SOOD set a course of a beat to SE Ryde middle, kite reach to Kemps Quay, gybe and another kite reach home. With the wind gusting to 18 knots the reaches were likely to be exhilarating, and so it proved!
Sunshine narrowly bested the start closely followed by Jambo and Assassin. The tactic for the beat was to be an interesting selection; with the last of the west going tide still evident towards the island whilst inshore on the mainland the easterly set had started. Assassin tacked towards the Island with Jambo shortly following but Sunshine pointing high and feeling a little lee bow effect from the tide stayed on port. Assassin after a while came back to the right but Jambo carried on hard left seeking gains in the last of the westerly flow but also having to get some windward gauge on the Fred Olsen steamer in the channel. At the windward mark it was in handicap order but fairly close with Sunshine first to round and set a kite for the reach eastwards. The reach was a little closer than expected clearly demonstrated by Jambo’s broach as her giant blue asymmetric kite proved a handful. The boats finished in handicap order but close enough that the mental arithmetic wasn’t conclusive between 2nd and 3rd however the Sailwave software gave it to Jambo by a mere 5 seconds.
Post race note: Jolly Jack Tar was out practicing but before the start dropped her main and returned to HSSC. Hopefully nothing serious and we will see her competing next week.

Download the full results below.