Hornet News


A message from the Commodore.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I suspect that many of you have been watching Blue Planet and won’t have missed the message about plastic waste in the world’s oceans. We are all fortunate to have the sea as our “playground” and I believe that we should all take some individual action to help clean up our seas. Some of you may have seen the recent Yachting World article which had some horrendous statistics including the fact that 80% of marine litter is plastic waste.

I have raised this matter with both the Executive Committee and Full Committee and both were unanimous in agreeing that we must see what we can do. There are some obvious little things which we can all do immediately with little extra effort:

? Use Rec-cycling bins. Sort out our gash into glass, plastic and paper. There are separate bins by the side of the Clubhouse for glass and plastic. A paper bin is opposite the Guardhouse.

? Please take your old paint, waste oil and old filters to your Council re-cycling centre. ? Reduce our use of plastic bottles – use re-useable bottles.

? Don’t throw anything overboard except for organic waste 12 miles from shore.

? Use shore side toilets whilst in marinas and holding tanks where fitted.

The Club is working with JSASTC to make sure waste bins are better labelled, and that all users of the Hornet site are encouraged to recycle waste. In the Clubhouse, we will be replacing plastic straws with paper straws, removing plastic lids from the disposable coffee cups (please use your own rather than a disposable cup), and replacing sauce sachets with bottles. The Club has issued an Environmental Policy, and this is posted on the Notice Board. I would encourage any of you who have ideas as to how we can help make it easier to be “greener” to give your ideas in to the office.

The last thing any of us want is more regulation or red tape but I trust that nobody will disagree that we all have a vested interest in protecting the environment where we spend our leisure time. All I am suggesting is that we all do more to safeguard the environment and do our bit to keep the seas clean.