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HSSC RNSA Summer Series Race 3 Results

From Ric Hanslip.

The light South Easterly was expected to fade as the evening deepened so a course was selected in this expectation. A broad reach to Stokes Bay Central followed by a beat with tide behind to North Sturbridge and a run home.
Jambo had the best of the start taking an inshore line out of the tide with a rapid spinnaker set giving them an early lead of a couple of boat lengths over Sunshine seeking better breeze out in the tide and Jolly Jack Tar a tad late on their kite set. Meanwhile the lower rated boats Wizard and Spirit of Kudu struggled to match the pace of the lighter craft but made ground with an inshore line up Stokes Bay. The 3 lead boats arrived at the downwind mark almost overlapped with Jambo’s slick kite drop keeping her half a boat length ahead of Sunshine and the fast closing JJT. The beat to Sturbridge saw JJT split left, Jambo crossing to the Island and Sunshine up the middle with the order at the windward mark of Sunshine, JJT and Jambo but again with all yachts almost overlapped it was all down to the run home. At the final turning mark before the final sprint to the finish line Sunshine and JJT were again overlapped with Sunshine holding the advantage of being inside at the mark but JJT holding her big asymmetric whilst Sunshine dropped her big running kite powered through to take line honours by a few seconds. Meanwhile Jambo who could not be shaken off crossed the line shortly afterwards to take the race win on handicap.
Alas with the expected drop in breeze materializing Spirit of Kudu and Wizard struggled on the final leg as the wind faded and were unable to take advantage of their lower ratings. Wizard, the last of the finishers found herself in the position on return to HSSC marina of providing assistance to a yacht with u/s engine which she duly towed back to the marina so a very late night for them.