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RYA Yachtmaster Beat Up Course & Assessment

15/10/2019 09:00

A five day course onboard a yacht at sea, based at the Army Offshore Sailing Centre, Fort Blockhouse.

The AOSC will be running a number of Yachtmaster Beat-up Courses, depending upon the required demand. The courses will commence at 0900hrs on the first day and will run through until 1600 on the Thursday. A moderator will then join the yacht on Friday morning to carry out the assessment of the appropriate qualifications. The cost of the course will be £260 per person.

As you will be aware, Hornet members are welcome to attend any of the courses run by the ASA through the AOSC. The cost of membership to the ASA is £10 for the year and can be arranged through Lisa Winchester (T: 01252 787093 E: lwinchester@ascb.uk.com)

If you wish to book a place please contact Lisa or the CI AOSC, Phil Brown, as follows:

01252 787093

02392 765457

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