Hornet News

HSSC Weekly Update for the MARINA - Friday 23 October 2020

From the Club Sec.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please note that due to the increase in content of my weeklies I will now send Clubhouse and Marina activities in separate emails.

COVID 19 – Please maintain good hygiene practices, observe social distancing and follow the Club guidance. Face masks are required when entering and moving around the Clubhouse, they are not required to be worn in the restaurant when eating and drinking

ELECTRIC METERS – from 1 Oct all boats plugged into electric should be using an electric meter to record usage. Meters are available from the Admin Office.

DINGHIES – All dinghies stored in Club dinghy stowages around the marina are to be clearly labelled with the name of the owner and boat name.

Flag Etiquette – A reminder to HSSC yachts wearing a Blue Ensign that a Club Burgee is to be DISPLAYED. The Club gives its permission to members to wear the Ensign under the conditions of the warrant.

SECURING OF BOATS – Please remember to check your boat securing arrangements and that you have adequate fendering..

Here are the ‘golden rules’:

* Use ropes of sufficient size for your boat - at least 14mm for most HSSC yachts

* Use one rope for one job. Minimum: 1 x bow line; 1 x stern line; 2 x springs

* Leave a bit of slack on the bow and stern lines, but have the springs quite taut

* In windy conditions consider using snubbers

* Secure lines to the pontoon cleats with bowlines, not ‘figures of eight'; take up the slack on board
Note: This is not strictly necessary if there is no chance of another yacht needing to share the same cleat

* Avoid passing lines through the cleats - no added security and just more difficult to remove

* Avoid ‘round and back’. There is no added security by doing this, and the lines may chafe on the cleats

* A better lead for the stern line is often from the outboard quarter

[‘Dipping’ ropes on shared cleats is a myth; it is quite possible to remove bowlines/bights in any order]


* Use lots!

* Secure them using a round turn and two half hitches or a clove hitch and two half hitches. A clove hitch by itself will allow fenders to drop over time

* Allow for the boat heeling towards the pontoon when being blown on - rig the fenders slightly higher to allow for this

WINTER LIFT AND LAY-UP – We are now at capacity for bookings and any new requests will be placed on the reserve list.

USE OF LADDERS IN FB3 – As per my previous emails there are a number of ladders in FB3 that are not fit for use. These will be labelled and boat owners are asked to remove these ladders from site by end Oct 20. This is for your own safety.

MTB 331 – Some local research is being conducted on behalf of the Coastal Forces Heritage Trust into Temporary Commander Derek George Harbroe ‘Jake’ Wright DSC** RNVR, who was a coastal forces hero in WWII and who worked for various periods in HMS Hornet.
Any details you may have regarding archives of HMS Hornet for the period 1940-1946 but specifically in November 1941 when Jake Wright commissioned MTB 331 from HMS Hornet, decommissioning her here in January 1942. In late 1944 Jake returned to HMS Hornet, working as ‘Senior Officer MTBs’ until his demobilisation in 1946.
If you have any archived information, photographs etc that you think fits the research outlined above please contact the office.


LNTM No 57/20

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Queen's Harbour Master Portsmouth that hovercraft will be operating between Southsea Hovercraft Terminal, Ryde Hovercraft Terminal and Daedalus Slip, Lee-on-the-Solent. Craft will operate from approximately 1030 to 1400 on Saturday 24 October 2020.
2. Daedalus Slip will not be available to Personal Water Craft or other users at these times and will be directed by on site marshals. The slipway and beach will be cordoned off from the public out to a distance of 15 metres either side of the slip. Swimmers and other water users are to remain clear of the PWC operating areas as directed by marshals.
3. Cancel this Local Notice to Mariners on 25 October 2020.

Army Offshore Sailing Courses - Please note that these courses previously advertised on our website have been suspended until at least January.

Entry and Exit from Site
For entry and exit from site please show your Club ID at all times
For ALL visitors and contractors a Visitor Notification Form is to be submitted by a member of Staff, Full Member or Associate Member. Visitors are to ensure they have Photo ID (usually a MOD Form 90, Driving licence or passport) as proof of identity (not required for those under 16 years of age). Visitor Forms should be passed to the gate staff with 24 hours notice – only in exceptional circumstances, including short notice requests f