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The club operates its Marina facilities under Licences from the Ministry of Defence who own the land and waterfront and the Marina is shared with the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC).

The Marina has approximately 200 berths for sailing yachts up to 40 feet LOA. A schematic view of the Marina is shown below. A schematic view of the Marina is shown belowThe application form is available in the Member's section of the Website. Yachts are generally double berthed alongside pontoons which have fresh water and electricity supply. Every effort is made to ensure compatibility of neighbouring yachts in terms of LOA, beam and displacement. To continue to achieve such matching, it is sometimes necessary to move yachts within the marina as berths become vacant. Therefore, no berthholder has a permanent right to a particular berth. Whilst every attempt is made to minimise the number of changes, the process of re-assessing is an on-going one and some changes may be necessary during each season

The Marina has a very high level of occupancy and applicants for a berth generally have to join a waiting list. The waiting time cannot be clearly predicted, but as a guideline, owners of yachts over 30' LOA in particular, should anticipate a waiting period. A yacht may be berthed at Hornet only if the owner complies with the Articles and Byelaws of Hornet Services Sailing Club.

Facilities are available for members to lift masts, and to slip and store yachts ashore for the winter. Short term lift-outs for maintenance are available to members throughout the year. Members who do not have an annual berth may be able to berth alongside in the marina in the winter season, depending on availability. All these facilities are limited and must be booked well in advance with the Marina Manager. Application forms are available in the Member's section of this site. All the facilities are invoiced to members at reasonable rates.

The Marina is operated by the Marina Manager, Stewart Peters, and three assistants. Members are generally required to attend and assist when their yachts are lifted or launched.


To help you understand how to get the best service from the power supply and to understand the limitation of use please refer to the Power User Guide which is available in the Member's section of this site.

When stored ashore electricity is available primarily for maintenance but it may be used for dehumidifiers, battery chargers and small heaters where the total power used does not exceed 1.2kW. You may disconnect an unattended vessel if you need to carry out maintenance, however, you must reconnect the power on completion of the work.

Boats may be disconnected if they exceed the power usage of 1.2kW or if they are known to cause the power to trip. The overall power available is limited which means that if everyone were to be connected, even within the recommended limits, the whole system would trip out. Please be aware.

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